E & E Machine was established in 2008 as a hobby machine shop located in Troy, Missouri. With only a few manual machines tucked under a 1000-square foot garage, E & E Machine was able to provide a quick turn-around and a high quality product for their customers. E & E Machine has grown steadily since then, adding skilled machinists and CNC machines. The addition of these resources allow E & E to compete with other small to medium-sized machine shops. Since 2008, the founders of E & E Machine have contributed to the manufacture of medical components for medical device manufacturers based out of St. Charles, Missouri. As word spread about the up and coming machine shop, E & E’s founders started to expand their business to a different and wider range of manufacturers such as the automotive, aerospace and labeling industries.

Currently, E & E Machine occupies a spacious 2,400-square foot building with state of the art CNC equipment. E & E Machine has a wide range of experience with a variety of materials such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, plastics and other materials. In addition to E & E Machine’s knowledge of metallurgy, we also have a strong technical background. Both owners graduated at the top of their classes at Ranken Technical College. We have CAD/CAM software for complex profiling and we also offer light assembly work. E & E Machine‚Äôs skilled workforce and cutting edge equipment will ensure the finest quality of craftsmanship to meet your specifications.